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Payam Angha International Transportation Company is managed by Ali-Asghar Jangavaran and has over 25 years of experience in land, air, sea shipping in the form of carrier, forwarder, combined, traffic and groupage by Flat rack container, ISO container, Flexitank, and etc.

To elevate the quality and services provided to all our dear customers, we have representations in Iran, Turkey and all over Europe. furthermore, we have a Turkish corporation which is one of the Superpower Logistic &Transportation companies in Turkey and it will provide you with safety to depute your supply chain completely.

We offer services with competitive rates in all over Africa, Europe and Asia to Iran and other countries. To elevate the level of satisfaction and confidence of our customers, all sea and land transportations are equipped with tracking devices that would provide the precise location of the load.

As an established company, we believe in the commitment to good results, which means that we provide our customers with the best results. As our customers’ demands become complex, capacity and difference’s power view of our department will be shown more.

We have experienced and professional adepts for a wide variety of services, such as clearance, warehousing, custom affairs and all our business services would operate alongside your business. This enables us to help you anytime and anywhere.

Hopefully, after reading the contents mentioned above, you chose our Company as your consul of transportation affairs, so that we can do our share to promote your business and satisfy the needs of your officials.

*Our new services*

Regarding the point that Payam Angha Ltd. has been in touch with all of the main building materials manufacturers of Iran for 25 years and also the company has serviced buying and transporting for some of the customers. The company has just determined to improve its market by adding some new services as consulting in case of what would you need for your project and what you had better buy, finding the goods on the market, buying procedures, exchanging and transporting by our technical experts. The new services are in ETC, EMC and ITS fields.

In addition, there are some advantages to the new services like as:

  • The ability to compare the whole of the manufacturers and providers in Iran
  • Well-Knowledge about local market and regulations and procedures
  • Reducing the financial risk of customers
  • Reducing the cost of buying goods
  • Consulting about the strategy of transportation
  • Owning some warehouse in Iran and Turkey that make transporting to Syria, Iraq and Lebanon easier
  • Well-Knowledge about building materials, it includes steel profiles and mineral materials and etc.
  • Technical experts fluent in Arabic, English and Turkish
  • 25 years of history
  • Europe, Africa and Asia
  • Official representative of one of the World's leading logistics companies
  • Safe transportation with experienced experts
  • Annual 2000 International Shipping Worldwide
  • More than 22 thousand tons of all kinds of goods from hundreds of countries
  • company's performance

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Ali Asghar Jangavaran 

General Manager

Zahra Khodsiani 

Accounting Manager

Farzaneh Eyvazi 

Commercial Manager

Hengameh Karimi

Accounting Expert

Mitra Amini

Accounting Expert


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