Advantages of corporating with a well-known company in commercial activities

Which advantages would be got when we do our commercial activities by the help and consulting of an expert and influence local companies?

One of the biggest risks of entering a market or corporate with an unknown market is trustworthy. Most people or companies which want to enter a business market, can not rely on small and unknown manufactures, in that case, they have better use services of a company which has been involved with most of the manufactures and also can guarantee your business.

Payam angha international transportation company Ltd. has been already in touch with most of the main manufactures of Iran and it’s a well-known company in the Iranian and also the Turkish market.

Some advantages of corporating with Payam angha international transportation company is:

  • The ability to compare the whole of the manufacturers and providers in Iran
  • Well-Knowledge about local market and regulations and procedures
  • The ability of negotiation and finding a new market
  • Reducing the financial risk of customers
  • Reducing the cost of buying goods
  • Reducing of international transportation
  • Consulting about the strategy of transportation
  • Owning some warehouse in Iran and Turkey that make transporting to Syria, Iraq and Lebanon easier
  • Well-Knowledge about building materials, it includes steel profiles and mineral materials, etc.
  • Technical experts fluent in Arabic, English, and Turkish


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